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ImageNet Consulting Awarded HP Inc. “Solutions Partnership Award”

May 11, 2021 9:22:52 AM / by Laina Davidson, Digital Marketing Specialist

Oklahoma City, OK – May 11, 2021 – ImageNet Consulting, a managed services and technology company headquartered in Oklahoma City, was awarded the “Solutions Partnership Award” at HP’s North America Amplify Power Services Partners Virtual Print Solutions Expo 2021.

HP’s Virtual Print Solutions Expo brings together more than 300 of HP’s print partners from across North America. The Virtual Print Solutions Expo honors top-performing HP print partners in solutions and software. ImageNet Consulting was awarded the “Solutions Partnership Award” for ongoing success in selling HP print solutions and software.

“We would like to recognize ImageNet Consulting in 2021 for their continued contributions, countless hours, and partnership efforts with us at HP and we appreciate all the valued efforts that ImageNet Consulting’s team does to help us grow together," said Paul Birkett, head of Commercial Software and Solutions. "May this award represent our appreciation for knowing that we can count on their partnership for years to come."

"ImageNet is honored to be recognized with the HP ‘Solutions Partnership Award," said Pat Russell, chief executive officer of ImageNet Consulting.  “This award is a testament to the strength of our partnership, the value in HP’s print technology, and our commitment to bring that value to our customers. We look forward to continued success and further development of this strategic partnership with HP,” Russell continued.

For more information and to learn about ImageNet’s print technology solutions and managed services, visit ImageNetConsulting.com/contact.

About ImageNet Consulting

ImageNet Consulting was founded as Southwest Typewriter Company in 1956. As times and technology changed, so did their name. Southwest Typewriter Company began a legacy of providing superior solutions, products, and services. ImageNet continues that legacy of providing customers with the best products and services to empower their business. ImageNet is now at the forefront of 3D Printing, Audio Visual Solutions, Managed Print Services, Enterprise Content Services, and Managed IT Services. ImageNet Consulting continues to utilize platforms of leading technology to maximize efficiencies and lower costs for their clients.

For more information about ImageNet's products and managed services, visit www.imagenet.com.

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