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A New Partnership: ImageNet Consulting and Youth Scoreboards

Aug 19, 2022 12:09:41 PM / by Tom Russell Chief Executive Officer

ImageNet Consulting is teaming up with Youth Scoreboards to create a unique partnership! Youth Scoreboards was created by Coach Barry Switzer and Mike Henry. They have changed the game by offering businesses the opportunity to be seen on high-quality video scoreboards across Oklahoma and Texas.

These scoreboards are provided at no cost to youth sports complexes and add a much-needed revenue stream to the sports complexes. This will transform their basic community field into an exciting ballpark that will generate ad revenue to support their young athletes.

ImageNet Consulting and Youth Scoreboard’s partnership will have the potential to:
• Bring a positive impact to the community
• Get advertiser’s messages in front of thousands per scoreboard install
• Generate revenue
• Draw larger crowds to youth sports
• Create greater involvement and retention in youth sports

ImageNet Consulting will expand and upgrade these traditional scoreboards through the addition of Wallboard Software, creating an interactive experience. These changes will create a more exciting environment for players, fans and advertisers while simplifying and reducing the cost per scoreboard installation.

Most importantly, we will be supporting youth athletes by providing high-quality scoreboards while bringing together communities and their local businesses.

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